Immersive 360° VR

Car Crash Experience – What Is It Like To Be Involved In A Car Accident

This truly immersive 360-degree film puts the viewer inside a car as a car crash unfolds before their eyes. The virtual reality experience leaves nothing to the imagination. The crash and its aftermath are shocking, and make a long-lasting impression on young drivers.

Top 20 Military Airshow Teams in VR: Fly in a Plane in 360°

Thanks to virtual reality you can experience what it´s like to sit in the cockpit of a fighter plane taking amazing stunts. Loopings, barrell rolls and spins while staying in close formation. Fly upside down, through the clouds and wingtip to wingtip next to your wingmen. Brace yourself for speeds topping 550mph and mind-blowing maneuvers you need to experience in 3D!

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The Baby Pandas Of Chengdu Panda Base: 6 Facts in 360° VR

Experience the virtual baby pandas as they would in real life! Immerse yourself in this 360° story!

Top 10 360° Cartoons: Teasers From Animated Shorts

Enjoy more than 10 minutes of comic style animations in 3D!

Jurassic World In 360°: Dinosaurs Fighting In Virtual Reality

Dinosaurs have overtaken the turbulent Isla Nublar, but the threat of a natural disaster erupting looms eerily over the island. Follow Blue, a highly intelligent Velociraptor, on her quest for survival, using VR to experience her extraordinary sensorial abilities and awareness as she scours for food and water, searches for signs of life, and fights against some of the island’s most threatening predators.

Cave Exploring In VR: A History Lesson About Cave Paintings in 360°

Explore An Ancient Cave And Its Surroundings In 3D. The paintings of our ancestors have been preserved in caves all over the world; the oldest we’ve found were made up to 40,000 years ago. What do these images tell us about the ancient human mind and the lives of their creators?

vr-bril-voor-onderwijsVirtual Reality in de klasonderwijs-en-360-videoleren-met-virtual-reality